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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble CX Industrial Spatial Imaging Scanner (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble CX Industrial Spatial Imaging Scanner (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

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The Trimble® CX scanner is an advanced 3D laser measurement instrument designed for use in industrial, shipbuilding and offshore platform environments as well as in selected civil survey applications. Providing highly accurate data and flexible processing capabilities, the Trimble CX system enables real advantages for your project management, starting with the ability to perform QA/QC in the field by utilizing station-based reporting and 3D point cloud visualization.

The Trimble CX scanner is a mobile and light weight instrument that allows for easy movement on a project. The proprietary WAVEPULSE™ technology combines the low noise sensitivity and high distance discrimination of time-of-flight technology with the high short range accuracy of phase shift technology.

The result is high-precision measurements over the full operating range that provide the clean 3D data needed for industrial plant scanning applications—allowing the user to realize increased productivity and reduced operating costs. And by requiring fewer setups and enabling faster processing time in an industrial plant environment, the Trimble CX solution can contribute to improved worker safety.

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The Trimble CX solution is built for efficient data capture in the plant environment. With reliable scanning at 54,000 points per second, an 80 meter range and a 360 degree x 300 degree field of view, the solution provides efficient data capture from a single setup.

A rugged design, IP64 environmental rating and protective covering for the rotating mirror allow the scanner to deliver continuous and reliable results even in difficult industrial environments.

The Trimble CX can also capture data in controller-less mode using the dedicated features built in to the power supply system, representing a simplicity option in the case of repetitive scan modes.

To obtain a clear understanding of the location and conditions of plant assets, the Trimble CX provides a solution for engineers and managers to capture accurate and factual information.

Data from the Trimble CX scanner can be used alone or it can be combined with data from other Trimble surveying instruments such as the Trimble FX™ and GX™ 3D Scanners and the Trimble VX™ Spatial Station.

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